Memorize naturally

For millions of years people remembered objects and living beings in real world. The lifestyle changed and now we need to remember textual, often abstract info, which is a pain. SpatialNote helps you use your memory in a natural way by easily placing info in 3D locations and making it more visual.

Make your initial memorization powerful

You can easily get back to your car when you park it in a new place. Why cannot you get back to the new information you learn that easily?
Spatial note taking and easy memorization with SpatialNote

Put your info in 3D locations

Jump inside a 3D world to organize your info and objects similar to the way you do in real world. Mnemonic athletes name similar methods a Mind Palace or Memory Palace technique. Create your Memory Palaces to recall info as easily as you go back to your car.

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Online Memory Palace made easy with SpatialNote

Add hints for abstract info

If some info is too abstract to imagine (foreign words, numbers, new concepts), add notes that can remind you of what you need to learn. Great examples of such hints are concrete words or names of famous people that sound similar to the abstract info. You can also add mini-stories for same purposes.

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Memorization tool SpatialNote makes it easy to add images

Add images to remember even better

Adding images that remind you of what you need to remember is another way to make initial memorization more powerful. And you can add images to your info in SpatialNote.

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Repeat wisely

In SpatialNote you can learn something from the first attempt much better than with dozens of rote repetitions. Even so, eventually your memories will start fading away without repetitions.
Active recall made easy and interesting with the assitance of SpatialNote

Active Recall

Save time on repetitions and improve your long-term knowledge retention by using active recall. Try to recall what you should see when you move to the next room(cube) of your Memory Palace. And then check yourself when you move.

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Spaced repetition made interesting with SpatialNote note taking solution

Spaced Repetition

Gradually increase your intervals between repetitions. Revise your info as a whole, both the structure and info itself. To make the process more interesting, use various paths, view info from outside in 3D to see the whole picture. If speed of recall is a high priority for you, navigate the info more often trying to recall everything as fast as possible.

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With SpatialNote you can repeat and recall things easily without the solution, that's a great alternative to Evernote

Repeat without SpatialNote

Unlike flashcards, 3D structure of info in SpatialNote unites and keeps info together. It allows you to navigate your Memory Palaces in your mind as if you are using the solution. Thus, you can practice anywhere whenever you have free small time slots.

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More value

3D mind mapping and interactive non-linear presenting is a reality with SpatialNote

Organizing or Presenting

Apart from being a very powerful spatial note taking and memorization tool, SpatialNote offers unique benefits for organizing information, being somewhat similar to mind-mapping solutions, though in 3D. Presenting with SpatialNote also has unique benefits, since you can change the direction of your presentation on the fly.

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Our spatial note taking and memorization tool can work virtually anywhere, since it is written in HTML5

Anywhere, Anytime

SpatialNote is web-based; it is easily accessible from any of your desktop or mobile devices, so you can use your “spare brain” anytime.

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Train your brain and memory by practicing spatial awareness and intelligence tasks that are useful, unlike memory games

Train your brain

Even if you are not in an urgent need to study something, you can train your brain and memory by memorizing useful or fun info in SpatialNote. The skills you build this way are more transferable to real-life memory tasks than skills you get while playing online memory and brain training games.

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Overview video

See our intro video.

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